N.E.S Solar Energy Builders Series

Building a new home is a great time to add a N.E.S Solar Energy System. Construction reports recently reported 6 out of 10 new homeowners wished they had included solar!

  • N.E.S System saves up to 20% by doing the installation during the construction phase.
  • ​25- year energy savings up to $79,000 on single family home with net metering. 
  • N.E.S System has 1/3 less roof attachments making a 3 hour installation easy. 
  • Instant appreciation of the property and solar is tax exempt in most states.
  • Easily added to the mortgage for even more savings and tax advantages.
  • N.E.S Systems qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.
  • N.E.S Systems can be shipped to job site for quick easy ONE-DAY installation.
  • N.E.S Systems have a 25-year performance warranty and 50-year panel life expectancy.​


     Tell your builder you want the N.E.S Solar System on your new home!

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