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Located in beautiful Northern Wisconsin, the VS Corporation founded in 1995 on the principles that healthy clean living is essential for all life. Expanding on this fundamental belief, we now include a innovative way to offer Solar Energy to everyone, these Simple & Affordable Ready-To-Install or RTI  Solar Energy Systems are... The Next Energy Solution!

In 1921 Albert Einstein won the Noble Prize in Physics for his discovery of the Law of "Photoelectric effect", in other words invention of the solar cell. Almost 100 years later, we feel Solar Energy's time has come. 

Our system's performance EXCEED typical industry standards.  N.E.S is able to provide the latest technologies and advancements that often take years to become main stream.

Our Industry changing "Ready- to- Install" systems offer a "Simple and Affordable" solution to Go Solar for less. N.E.S helps everyone achieve their Energy Independence goals.