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           NES Agriculture Solar

High Efficiency design reduces electrical costs and improves your bottom line. 

           NES Residential Solar

The best investment you can make in your home and family's future. 


              NES Builders Solar

Reduce your cost up to 20% by installing a NES Solar Electric system during building.

NES Ready To Install Solar Electric Systems offer you more for less!

  • Factory Direct Pricing and Ready to Install means 1/2 the price of other systems plus are engineered for Homes, Cabins, Farms, Business and more. 
  • Expandable, grow your system to fit your needs and budget which gives you better return on your investment now and in the future.
  • Our RTI  systems modular design Includes all needed materials and Engineered drawings to make ONE DAY installations with two persons easy.  
  • Smart designs that produce more power 14.20 vs. 9 watts per sq. ft. the typical industry standard.
  • High Efficiencies (96.4%)  which qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit plus comes with a  25 yr. performance Warranty Guaranteed!   

NESWhole House 5 kW System Example Facts:          

  • High Production: A NES System Produces about $100.00 or more a month in Electricity, by using High Performance UL Listed panels and electronics.

  • Quicker Paybacks: NES Systems are ready to install and save you money, by doing some the work (3 hr. typical) yourself with paybacks in as little as 2-3 years!  
  • Engineering: Modular design has 1/3 less parts and feature intregrated UL grounding. We provide Electrical Engineering for your electrician and utility company.
  • Increases Property Values: According to NAREA solar 5 kW system adds about $20,000.00 to the properties value and solar is also property tax exempt
  • Energy Independence: Protect your family from rising electrical rates, for every .02 rate increase your solar system's payback accelerates by 1 yr.  
  • Protecting Environment: For every $100.00 a month of electricity created is the equivalent of planting 102 trees a year!   
  • System choices: Choose from roof, ground, wall, pole, mounted systems. 
  • Innovative Systems: New No dig, No Concrete! Ground Mounts systems which can be installed in one day!  


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