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N.E.S  Ready-to-Install Solar Energy Systems...

                                                                    offering you more for less!

  • Eliminate high electric bills forever with our Factory Direct high quality solar energy systems.
  • We make Solar simple by working with you from start to finish, we even do the paperwork for your power company to get you up and running fast!
  • Our Grid Tie design means NO Batteries or Maintenance great for for Homes, Cabins, Farms, Business to fit your needs and goals. 
  • NES Ready-to-Install  systems include all needed materials and electrical drawings to make one day installation easy and real.
  • High Performance Italian Solar Panels offer more power per sq. ft. plus are backed by the industries longest 30 yr. Performance Warranty.
  • As one of the largest Solar companies in the Midwest we strive to help people achieve their solar goals and complete satisfaction.   

N.E.S Builders Solar

Reduce your cost up to 20% by installing a N.E.S Solar Electric system during building.

N.E.SAgriculture Solar

High Efficiency design reduces electrical costs and improves your bottom line. 

N.E.S  Whole House 5.4 kW System Example Facts:          

  • Higher Production: A N.E.S System Produces about $100.00 or more a month in Electricity, by using High Performance UL Listed panels and electronics.

  • Quicker Paybacks: N.E.S Systems are Ready-to-Install and save you money.  By doing some of the work (3-5 hr. typical) yourself, see paybacks in as little as 2-4 years!  
  • Strength : The patented modular design has 1/3 less parts engineered to handle the extreme snow and wind loads plus features integrated UL grounding.
  • Increases Property Values: According to NAREA a 5 kW Solar Energy System adds about $20,000.00 to the properties value and solar is also property tax exempt
  • Energy Independence: Protect your family from rising electrical rates, for every .02 rate increase your solar system's payback accelerates by 1 yr.  
  • Protecting Environment: For every month of electricity produced, you help the environment equal to planting 102 trees a year!   
  • System choices: We offer more options: Steel & Shingled roof mounts to Ground mounts: NES E-Z Set, Steel Pipe or even Treated wood option, plus Wall or Pole mounted systems. 
  • NEW  Patent Pending: Ready to Install E-Z Set NES Ground mount comes pre-assembled require no digging or cement and installs in one day! 


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N.E.S Residential Solar

The best investment you can make in your home and family's future.